Why Yoga

Yoga is an ancient natural system, working on both the body and mind, and their interdependency. No other system does it.

At the basics, yoga is a great exercise as it deals with the whole system, e.g. it works on the brain, spine, gland and inner organs, in addition to the cardiovascular system that Western aerobis exercises mainly work on.

Yoga's aspects of therapy and healing effects are not as well knowns as its exercises aspects. Scientific studies have proven that yoga has effects on many ailments, e.g. high blood pressure, digestive problems, weak immune system etc...Further, yoga affects important factors of long life - the brain, glands, spine and inner organs. So regular practice will keep you a youthful looking.

Yoga also works on the mind as you work on the physical body. Through yoga (especially pranayama and meditation), we see ourselves in mirrors, bring the subconscious thoughts to surface. That we can discover our True Self, and the changes we want to realise, our true potential and bring our true happiness.

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"Yoga is a science and it is not 'exercise". What a yoga exercise do is move your muscle to muscle, nerve to nerve, meridian point to meridian point. Actually it is to stimulate the glands in the proper areas so that there is no confusion in health"   - Yogi Bhajan

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