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You can join any of the weekly classes any time, no previous experiences required. There are yoga mats and blankets in the studio. You only need to bring yourself with an open mind, empty stomach (no heavy meals 2 hours before), bare foot and wear loose clothes easy to move (e.g. no jeans)

We also offer tailored private class for individual or group. 75€ per 1,5 hours class, and as agree for longer session. Please contact Siri Adi for further information.

Registration needed for Kundalini Yoga, please send message to Siri Adi 045 8490 800 by 20:00 day before the morning classes


Method Putkisto is taught by Jonna Bäckman, contact her at

040 4112 763












Kundalini Yoga






Kundalini Yoga








Method Putkisto



Method Putkisto





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