Kundalini Yoga

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"All teachings lead to the same realization and awakening of your potential. But some shaking is effective and fast, and others are very slow. Kundalini Yoga, and the psyche that teaches it, is direct and royal. Those who have the blessing to practice it and teach it choose to stand before the crystal of their consciousness, under a great pressure washer - to remove the clouds of past acts - in order to reside now in the timeless beauty of the soul. Everyone has that core potential.  So everyone is capable of Kundalini Yoga"

                    -- Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of awareness, it is an ancient system for thousands of years. It has not been taught to the public before Yogi Bhajan, the mater of Kundalini Yoga at age of 16, started to teach it to the public since the 60s, as he realised people were ready and searching for higher conscious level.  

Kundalini Yoga covers all aspects of Yoga to align the body, mind and soul, leading you to self realisation. The major elements are asana (body posters), pranayama (breath control), mudra (hand poster), mantra, bandh (body locks).

A normal class includes tune in. warm up, Kriya (yoga set with a defined sequences of exercises combining asana, pranayama, mudra etc...with a predicatable result for specific area, they are taught the same by all Kundalini Yoga teachers, as taught by Yogi Bhajan), relaxation, meditation and closing.

No prior yoga experience needed, everyone is suitable for Kundalini yoga. It is not limited to perfect posters, but the overall experience of relaxation and inner Self and true happiness.

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