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"The inner desire of every living being is to be comfortable, to be taken care, to be served. You are grown up, you want Mother Nature to take care of you and Heavenly Father to stand by you and that's why you want to be spiritual. "  

- Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Dear All

I am Siri Adi Kaur, I am a Chinese living in Veikkola, Finland. I started to do Kundalini Yoga in 2007, trying to find a way to relax amid my stressful days taking care of my family with 3 kids and busy working life. It turned out to be such a great experience, that not only my life long back pain is gone, my "sleeping problem" solved, I also started to feel there is meaning for many things in my life and I started to feel really happy without any reason (which we normally do, e.g. more money, better weather etc...).  I wanted to share with others my experiences so that they experience the inner peace and true happiness.

I attended the KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Certified Teacher Training Level 1 in 2010 and started to teach Kundalini Yoga the same year. I opened my yoga studio in Veikkol in 2012 and has been teaching there full time, and in Hiidenopisto in Nummela and Suntio.  


I completed the Kundlini yoga teacher training Level 2 in 2015, and became RYT 500 certified yoga teacher. I am in Internship at Kundalini Research Institute's Aquarian Trainer Academy and becoming a trainer for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

As Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga and founder of 3HO (Healthy, Happy and Holy) Organisation said: "Just do it, you will find something new in you".

The challenge in Kundalini yoga is not the posters or how fit you need to be, the challenge is to take the step and do it. Take the first step and join us, you will find something surprising in you !


Siri Adi Kaur

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